100% growth for a water damage restoration company in the US (+$25k PPC value)

SEO Campaign Case Study: Driving Growth for a Water Damage Restoration Company

Client Overview: A water damage restoration company in the U.S. sought to improve their online visibility and drive more service inquiries through their website.

Challenges: The client faced stiff competition in local search results and struggled to generate leads effectively. The lack of a cohesive digital marketing strategy was limiting their ability to reach potential customers in emergency water damage situations.


  • To improve local search engine rankings.
  • To improve online reputation and build trust with potential customers.
  • To increase the quantity and quality of inbound leads.

Strategies Implemented:

  1. Citation Building: We developed a robust citation building strategy to ensure the company was listed in all relevant online directories, enhancing local SEO.
  2. Reputation Management: We implemented a comprehensive reputation management plan, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, which improved trust and visibility.
  3. Content Creation: Targeted content specific to water damage restoration was created to educate and engage potential customers, positioning our client as an industry expert.
  4. Local Landing Pages: Customized landing pages for each service area were developed to cater to the local audience, improving relevance and user experience.
  5. Link Building: We initiated a link-building campaign to increase domain authority and improve search engine rankings.


  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: The client saw a significant increase in rankings for key search terms related to water damage restoration in their target areas.
  • improved Online Reputation: The reputation management efforts resulted in a higher average review score and more positive testimonials, which helped convert more website visitors into leads.
  • Increased Lead Generation: With the implementation of SEO strategies, including the triggered phone box feature, the client experienced a 40% increase in lead generation compared to the previous quarter.

Conclusion: The comprehensive SEO campaign not only improved the client’s online visibility but also significantly improved their ability to attract and convert leads. The targeted strategies, from citation building to creating localized content, played a crucial role in achieving these outcomes, proving the effectiveness of a well-rounded SEO approach.